Who Are We … And What The Heck Is A Pickle Jar?

Meet Vasanthi Hariprakash,

Vasanthi is a seasoned journalist, radio host, and storyteller who can never say no to a good conversation. Her dynamic career in the media has taken her across bustling newsrooms and quiet soundproof studios to vibrant metropolises, small towns, and villages in India and beyond.

Pickle Jar, founded by Vasanthi in 2016, is an extension of her life philosophy – a little bit of everything that makes us think and feel deeply… a little bit of everyone that makes us a vigorous, thriving community. Like an Indian pickle jar, it is a mélange of ingredients, fusing into that perfect blockbuster of flavour!

Want to know more about the fiery Indian pickle that is our lucky mascot? Give this Culture Trip article a read and come right back!

Meet Team Pickle Jar

From techies, lawyers, and doctors to writers, artists, and entrepreneurs, the Pickles in this jar wear different hats in their everyday lives. But at Pickle Jar, they are driven by one overriding belief –  in art, cinema, literature, music (and everything in between) and their transformative power on our culture, thinking, and social fabric. They bring different skills, perspectives, and personalities to the table and you are going to love them!

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